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Anyone who has worked in the financial industry will tell you that the old saying about becoming a millionaire is entirely true: The easiest way to make a million dollars is to start with a billion. Unfortunately, most startup founders don’t have access to a trust fund of that size—or of any size at all—and…

Navigating copyright law correctly is critical if you want to protect your creative works, but doing so is often complicated and rarely straightforward. For example, copyright law automatically protects an author’s written work from the first draft; however, an artist must register certain finished works before copyright law will protect them from infringement.

One of the greatest hurdles that most new businesses face is a lack of capital, so when a venture capital firm comes along and wants to invest, it could feel like a godsend. Like any business deal, though, there are both advantages and disadvantages of accepting venture capital money.

If you want to take out a small business loan to get your company off the ground, chances are the bank will ask for a personal guarantee. When you sign a personal guarantee, you are essentially putting your own assets up as collateral in case your business cannot pay back the debt. Inc. reminds readers…

Small business owners have a lot to think about when designing their companies. One of the most important decisions they need to make from the start is which business structure they are going to use. Ultimately, the structure that you choose for setting up your company will have certain tax and legal implications.